Think local, act global

Think local, act global

If you’re looking for a PR approach to cover multiple countries or regions, feel free to contact us! We are affiliated with a number of international networks, representing the Benelux in those circles. These networks are based on long-term relationships between local specialists. International PR projects are deployed within the networks at the same high standards of quality you expect from local agencies.

Our partner networks:

ION – ah independent PR network of specialists with the slogan ‘think local, act global’. The network consists of 29 bureaus, 47 countries, 600 specialists, and 350 clients and represents 65 million dollars in turnover.

Embrace –

WhiteOaks International Network – Whiteoaks International Network (WIN) specialises in providing international public relations services in technology and business communications. Through 25 PR offices covering 70 countries, WIN leverages the power of a highly-skilled PR team to deliver true global resources and can provide international public relations services throughout Europe, Asia, Far East, China and the United States. With the power of our PR network around the world, we will deliver one resource and one solution, with one contact in your home country. Through experience and our proactive transparent approach, we build long-term productive relationships that achieve consistency of outcomes, a constant strategic focus and, above all, results.

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