Réhsmi Eikhout

Réhsmi moved to Utrecht from picturesque Nijmegen with her boyfriend. And as is so often the case, a new start in a new city means a new job. Luckily for us, she chose Marcommit! She not only shares her social media skills with her fellow Marcommites, raising all our games, but also her radiant personality, creativity, energy and sociability. We can safely say Réhsmi is our office sun worshipper with a summer job in Mallorca and a graduate research project on Curaçao. She also loves good food, be it cooking in her own kitchen at home or dining out at the newest restaurant in town. After one of her culinary adventures, her photos never fail to make our mouths water back here at the office. What more could we ask for in a fellow Marcommite? Joie de vivre, and an Instagram and a Pinterest feed to match!