Maaike de Boer

Daughter of a Dutch woman from the Twente countryside and an Indonesian father, Maaike was raised in the lovely town of Hengelo, surrounded by a hodgepodge of various cultures. As a child, she initially adopted the regional accent so characteristic of Twente, with its elongated vowels and swallowed words, but she eagerly erased its traces during her teens. Although Maaike is reasonably satisfied with her current accent, a stray óóó or éééy does occasionally pop up unexpectedly. Growing up with two computer-savvy brothers, Maaike quickly learned to navigate the online world, rapidly developing a love of binge-watching TV series. Maaike is also incredibly creative and manages to turn any content into a fun celebration. With her sense of humour and friendly cheer, she is the perfect addition to the Marcommit team. Fun fact: besides knowing all Ronnie Flex songs by heart, Maaike also has an invaluable talent for memorising any lyrics in no time. This skill regularly comes in handy when she hits the dance floor and starts singing and swinging.