Annelies Heuvelmans

Born in South Holland, raised in Limburg and now making a career for herself in Utrecht. Luckily for us, because this means we not only have the pleasure of Annelies’s company at Marcommit, but also her focus, sociability and creativity – she’s an indispensable asset to our team. She loves good food and sports, and she’s a permanent fixture at our weekly office yoga sessions and a regular guest at our Friday afternoon drinks. Unfortunately for us, Annelies can’t always stay for drinks because her weekends start early, beckoning her away on trips to Tel Aviv this week, London next week and who knows where the week after that. Her wanderlust is insatiable – having even studied in Chile for six months, a period of her life that has certainly left its mark on her with her penchant for Spanish TV series and South American cuisine.