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Brand recognition is incredibly vital if you want to position a brand and load it with significance.

Top of mind

Recognition, linked to the right impression.  Using PR, we ensure that your brand gets media attention. To that end, we use social media to achieve maximum impact faster. Social media lets us ensure a stronger presence and instant ‘top of mind’ position with your target group. Immediately interact with current affairs and instantly respond when something happens. We continuously monitor and use our network of influencers and bloggers.

Using social media means having a continuous presence and monitoring what’s happening. Organizations that know the strength of social media do not always have the resources to use it.

Outsourcing and Content Creation

As a web care team for your company, we can get cracking for you to ensure that a continuous presence will be there –  or we can ensure that we create a basic pool of social media content for you so you do not have to be continuously present yourself.

Our social media dashboard lets us see at any given time what is happening regarding your brand. We will keep you posted on developments and immediately inform you when a response is needed. When that perfect opportunity arises for you to respond to current affairs, we will make sure you don’t miss it.

Our services:
  • outsourcing
  • content creation
  • influencer engagement
  • social media marketing
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