Expert sessions, workshops and trainings

If customer recruitment is your challenge, we will set up an approach that ensures lots of contact moments.

Generating leads

The strategy will center on SEO and content marketing: SEO to ensure that you’ve found and content marketing like reports, white papers and e-books to retain those contacts. We build PR, social media and digital marketing campaigns around this content, constantly checking metrics and adjusting as needed.

And retaining them

Inbound marketing takes it to the next level. This strategic approach ensures that all contact moments are truly utilized and maintained. Truly connecting to the target group is key. We use this knowledge to step into your customers’ shoes and walk together along the route from contact to the customer. By offering them automated content and contact moments customized to your target group, you keep measurably intriguing them and creating loyalty until the actual sales moment arrives.

Our services
  • Strategic advice, inbound marketing plan
  • Mapping out buyer personas and buyer journeys
  • advice tool and setup
  • implementation tool
  • developing content and flows
  • monitoring and adjustment
Our other services

Below you will find our services. Marcommit would be happy to assist you.