ROVC, a technical education institute, wants to be known as the knowledge partner for education in the technical sector.

De opdracht

The education institute had already achieved reasonably high brand awareness within the technology sector but wanted to take its brand recognition to a higher level. In addition, it is important for ROVC to be seen as an authority in the technical sector.

De oplossing

To that end, we developed the Tech Barometer: the foundation of a unique campaign, focused on the business (the Dutch technical sector), which is simultaneously also closely connected to a societal problem, specifically the shortage of trained technicians.

The shortage of technicians continues to be a persistent and urgent problem. Prompted by this societal issue, Marcommit advised the training institute to pursue a rather unconventional strategy.

The fact that such an institute regards the Tech Barometer as a reliable source of information is the cherry on top of this campaign.

Proactive with visionary content

This means to stop being reactive and instead approach the market proactively with visionary content developed within the institute. To that end, the Tech Barometer was devised and launched. The results of the campaign exceeded everybody’s expectations. In the end, the campaign resulted in over 500 leads and 175 publications. By constantly talking about research findings, ROVC became the absolute authority within the technical sector. By now, the Tech Barometer is regarded as an important source of information: organizations, media, and journalists manage to find their way to the Tech Barometer without any help, using it as a source for their news stories. For instance, the results have been included in an interview with the Philips CEO in Dutch newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ and are used by the Economic Bureau of ING Bank in its well-known sector-specific analyses and forecasts.

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