About Protime

Protime is a provider of hardware and software for timekeeping, access control, planning, and teamwork.

The assignment

The company wanted to increase its brand awareness among the HR target audience, increase traffic to the website as well as increasing the number of leads through their website, and actively convey its quality label for excellent employment practices to reach potential employees.

To achieve this, we developed a new content marketing strategy for Protime. We created a campaign called ‘quality in the workplace’

The solution

Based on a survey, Protime found out how the concept of ‘time’ was experienced by Dutch employees. The theme of ‘quality in the workplace’ was used as a framework that encapsulated all kinds of Protime topics, such as collaboration, planning, wage processing, assessment, organizational culture, productivity, etc. The way the campaign was structured made it possible for Protime to position itself as an authority on topics currently relevant to the target groups for an extended period of time.

Why has this case been awarded a Grand Prix Content Marketing Award?

Case Award

Achieving massive publicity and media coverage with a limited budget is a result envied by many campaign leaders. Who would not like to see a return on their investments many times over? This inspiring campaign shows that it is possible, with a clever approach, remarkable planning and effective use of current affairs, to reach multiple target groups and develop massive coverage. The Protime study on ‘Quality in the workplace’ was acknowledged as authoritative in the market, solidifying their position of authority and brand awareness considerably.

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