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Over the past two decades and more, Onguard has grown from a position of specializing in credit management software into a key player in order-to-cash solutions. The integrated platform ensures that all processes in the order-to-cash chain are optimally aligned and that critical data can be shared.

The assignment

Onguard merged with Credit Tools at the end of 2016. After their merger with Credit Tools, Onguard decided to pursue a new strategy: from providing credit management software to facilitating the entire order-to-cash process, made possible through new partnerships. It was a new strategy that also demanded a rebranding. Within the sector, credit management and Onguard were not distinctive and did not have a reputation for being modern or cutting-edge. The company decided to make a switch to become a trendier FinTech company.

Onguard – Blockchain, hype or here to stay? To make sure their target audience would embrace this new image, Onguard called in Marcommit to develop a communication strategy.

The solution

We created the ‘FinTech Barometer 2018’ campaign, which addresses the very latest topics in the sector, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Why is this case ranked in the top 3 of Grand Prix Content Marketing Awards?

Case Award

This case resulted in a completely new image for Onguard in the Dutch financial sector: from traditional credit management software company to trendy FinTech organization leading the way in knowledge about trends in the world of finance. This case was also successful because achieved maximum results with minimum investments. Onguard gained over five times their budget in media value. Moreover, prominent Dutch newspaper ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’ referred to the organization as a FinTech company and associated the organization with blockchain. That has put a new shine on their once-dusty image, linking Onguard to blockchain for the Dutch financial sector. This inspiring content campaign shows that it is possible to reach a huge audience when your organization is an early adopter for new technology. The Onguard survey, the ‘FinTech Barometer 2018’, is still used to this very day.

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