BIT manages three data centers in Ede and is specialized in green co-location, internet connections, managed hosting and outsourcing for business internet users. BIT provides quality-conscious organizations the backbone for their IT and internet infrastructure.

About BIT

Reliability is the key principle of their services, ensuring that their customers can stay focused on their core activities without worrying about the rest. The BIT DNA is characterized by transparency, honesty and a bit of stubborn individualism. BIT is not an organisation that blindly follows the herd. It is BIT’s mission to make the internet safe and to safeguard the privacy of users. BIT pursues these objectives without commercial interests.

Activism for optimal result

This mission was the starting point for collaboration with Marcommit. How can BIT, as an open, transparent and stubbornly individual organization, contribute to market awareness of safe internet use? How can BIT claim a position of authority in the market? And how can a specialist IT context appeal to a wider target audience than just IT professionals?

To achieve this, Marcommit came up with an activist-style PR campaign for BIT: Internet Our Own Way.

The solution

With this research-based campaign, BIT also mobilizes others to make the internet safer. An important part of the campaign was the new ‘dragnet’ legislation, which was the target of a lawsuit that BIT and a coalition of others brought against the government. PR has constantly played a crucial role in informing the public. BIT has put itself on the map. It is remarkable that a data center – a specialist IT organization – has gained a position of knowledge in the B2B and B2C market. The organization has authority, shows sincere commitment, and has promoted awareness not just of the importance of safe internet, but also of how to make it happen. BIT aims to achieve a change in behaviour outside of its commercial goals. As a result, the ‘Internet Our Own Way’ campaign has significance for society.

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