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For over 16 years, we have been promoting the name recognition, the reputation and above all the success of our clients. Whether you’re looking to build a brand, claim opinion leadership, introduce a product or service, create content to support campaigns, attract new talent, generate leads, or appeal to a new target group, our team is up to the task.

What goals do you have for us?

Building a brand

Brand recognition is incredibly vital if you want to position a brand and load it with significance. Recognition, linked to the right impression. We will sit down at the table with you to understand exactly where the company wants to head. We build the strategy and a smart plan on that basis. We identify the perfect mix of PR, social media, and traditional and digital marketing. And of course we then put this plan into practice for you.

Claiming thought leadership

Organisations that have a great deal of in-house expertise often have difficulty demonstrating that knowledge to the world at large. We are ideally suited to making that distinction. We determine the topics and ensure that the right content is produced to position the organisation or individual people as thought leaders. White papers, blogs, op eds, speaking opportunities, and a smart social media presence are all part of our approach.

Generating leads

If customer recruitment is your challenge, we will set up an approach that ensures lots of contact moments. The strategy will centre on SEO and content marketing: SEO to ensure that you’re found and content marketing like reports, white papers and e-books to retain those contacts. We build PR, social media and digital marketing campaigns around this content, constantly checking metrics and adjusting as needed. That’s how we achieve maximum results.

Showing authority

Put your organisation into the spotlights and show that you have a right to be there. Important when you’re looking for new contacts, especially in management and at C-level in organisations.
We choose the approach appropriate to that goal. Connections with the right media for this target group are the first prerequisite; we tailor an appropriate strategy with interviews, columns and possibly roundtable meetings.

Content innovation

Content is King. That’s clear. Your target group first looks at the content you offer before they switch to your organisation. We support you by transforming your business vision and knowledge into the right content for you to reach and appeal to the target group. Web texts, video, infographics, marketing texts, and all the other content you need for any form of contact.

Attracting new employees

Looking to hire talented new professionals for your organisation? We will come up with a plan that will ensure you stand out in the job market – using the right content and resources to appeal to the group you’re looking for. Regular attention in the media already ensures that you have candidates’ attention. To offer prospective employees an added boost, we optimise your social media image and build social media campaigns. We’re happy to come up with additional campaign activities to achieve direct contact.

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