Who are we?

For over 19 years, we have been promoting the name recognition, the reputation and above all the success of our clients. Whether you’re looking to build a brand, claim opinion leadership, introduce a product or service, create content to support campaigns, attract new talent, generate leads, or appeal to a new target group, our team is up to the task.

Building a brand

Brand recognition is incredibly vital if you want to position a brand and load it with significance. Recognition, linked to the right impression. We will sit down at the table with you to understand exactly where the company wants to head. We build the strategy and a smart plan on that basis. We identify the perfect mix of PR, social media, and traditional and digital marketing. And of course, we then put this plan into practice for you.

Claiming thought leadership

Organisations that have a great deal of in-house expertise often have difficulty demonstrating that knowledge to the world at large. We are ideally suited to making that distinction. We determine the topics and ensure that the right content is produced to position the organisation or individual people as thought leaders. White papers, blogs, op-eds, speaking opportunities, and a smart social media presence are all part of our approach.

Generating leads

If customer recruitment is your challenge, we will set up an approach that ensures lots of contact moments. The strategy will center on SEO and content marketing: SEO to ensure that you’ve found and content marketing like reports, white papers and e-books to retain those contacts. We build PR, social media and digital marketing campaigns around this content, constantly checking metrics and adjusting as needed. That’s how we achieve maximum results.

Showing authority

Put your organisation into the spotlights and show that you have a right to be there. Important when you’re looking for new contacts, especially in management and at C-level in organisations.

We choose the approach appropriate to that goal. Connections with the right media for this target group are the first prerequisite; we tailor an appropriate strategy with interviews, columns and possibly roundtable meetings.

Content innovation

Content is King. That’s clear. Your target group first looks at the content you offer before they switch to your organisation. We support you by transforming your business vision and knowledge into the right content for you to reach and appeal to the target group. Web texts, video, infographics, marketing texts, and all the other content you need for any form of contact.

Attracting new employees

Looking to hire talented new professionals for your organisation? We will come up with a plan that will ensure you stand out in the job market – using the right content and resources to appeal to the group you’re looking for. Regular attention in the media already ensures that you have candidates’ attention. To offer prospective employees an added boost, we optimize your social media image and build social media campaigns. We’re happy to come up with additional campaign activities to achieve direct contact.


Our team will help you. Don’t hesitate; contact us today and give us a challenge!

Emily Stolker Account Manager

Perfectly perfectionist, this lovely lady was born in Friesland and is now married and living in Nijkerk. Her accurate, meticulous work ethic makes her a valued colleague. She is happiest when she can write, and she loves the versatility of the activities at Marcommit. In her spare time, you can find her on the couch crocheting and watching a lifestyle show on TV, such as House Rules. In addition, she likes playing sports and loves working up a sweat in the gym. When she is able to shoot the perfect picture in nature, she is truly in her element. Pet peeve: when things are crooked in her own home. Perfectionist that she is, she always needs to take a moment to straighten them out.

Annelies Heuvelmans Account Manager

Born in South Holland, raised in Limburg and now making a career for herself in Utrecht. Luckily for us, because this means we not only have the pleasure of Annelies’s company at Marcommit, but also her focus, sociability, and creativity – she’s an indispensable asset to our team. She loves good food and sports, and she’s a permanent fixture at our weekly office yoga sessions and a regular guest at our Friday afternoon drinks. Unfortunately for us, Annelies can’t always stay for drinks because her weekends start early, beckoning her away on trips to Tel Aviv this week, London next week and who knows where the week after that. Her wanderlust is insatiable – having even studied in Chile for six months, a period of her life that has certainly left its mark on her with her penchant for Spanish TV series and South American cuisine.

Juul Klaassen Account Manager

Measuring at 1.58m, this gorgeous blonde might be the shortest person in the office, but don’t let her adorable stature fool you. She can easily hold her own professionally, fighting fiercely on every customer’s behalf. Juul can frequently be found mingling with the heavyweights outside the workplace, too – as a regular at the gym. Embracing a discipline that demands respect, she is the first person in the office early every morning. The other side of the coin? In her own words, Juul is “a bit of a klutz”. Keys disappearing, phones that break, and glasses tipping over: she is intimately familiar with all these and more. Fortunately, she is very structured in her work, has handwriting so perfect that it looks typed, and happily shares her witty remarks and helpful attitude at work.

Arlieke Tammer Account Manager

Our very own baker’s daughter sure is one sharp cookie – doing something half-baked just isn’t in her vocabulary. Take for example her earlier work at the Sports Council … there she was the one of the best things they’d seen on Utrecht’s PR scene since sliced bread. Nowadays, she earns her crust concocting concepts and crafting content for leading publications. It’s a piece of cake for her to knead the stickiest, trickiest terminology into delectably doughy diction that sells like hotcakes! Oh, and watch out! She sure knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff – both in her work and on the tennis court, which is where you’ll often find her during the summer months. But on cold, dark winter nights, she also loves to snuggle up in her onesie with a hot cup of tea for a gripping thriller or a scintillating TV series. We certainly know which side our bread is buttered. With her perseverance and perpetual positivity, we shan’t fail to rise to the occasion.

Meike Storck Account Manager

Thanks to her passion for organising events, her colleagues always have something fun to look forward to. With her experience as a growth hacker and her supportive attitude, we can count ourselves lucky to have this Amersfoort-born original as our colleague. Meike is a dedicated vegetarian and is always in for a poké bowl or some delicious couscous. Her biggest hobby is crocheting, preferably while watching during her favourite baking show on TV. Once her latest crocheted masterpiece is done, everyone needs to see it, so you’ll be bombarded with pictures of her new project. During weekends, she can regularly be found out on the water, since she truly shines when she can go rowing!

Laura Emous Account Manager en Sales Executive

Originally from Hilversum, Laura now lives in Amsterdam and adores trying new things. She often submerges herself quickly and enthusiastically in new challenges or discoveries. And that’s not just limited to her boundless curiosity for the online world. Name any random sport activity, and there’s a good chance that she has already tried it at least once. She likes to spend her weekends visiting inspirational places that tickle her creativity: museums, restaurants, undiscovered side streets, and other cultures. This motivated lady likes to invest all of her creativity in brainstorming sessions and for writing texts and social media posts. But also… in the kitchen! Fair warning: once she starts talking about food, she will just keep going.

Gosse de Reus Account Manager en Sales Executive

Born on Dutch soil and raised on the Caribbean island of Curacao and the Dutch tulip town of Lisse, Gosse is currently a proud resident of Utrecht. And he’s never abandoned the best parts of living in the countryside, embracing more of the authentic Italian identity than you might think from his roots. For Gosse, it’s all about eating, drinking, and socievolezza: the good life. He’d be just fine squeezing in an afternoon nap into his daily schedule, too. On any given weeknight, there’s a good chance that Gosse will be at the cinema since film is one of his passions. With his focus on results, punctuality, and love of anything tech, Gosse is a perfect match for the team. And his love of food? For now, he expresses that at Marcommit by making himself some simple Dutch sandwiches in the kitchen at work, at least three times a day.

Marlin Goethals Account Manager en Sales Executive

Charming and irrepressibly optimistic, this lovely lady works hard. Marlin enjoys helping others. Whether she’s working on social media, writing texts or other PR activities, she turns everything into a success. Every Sunday, she can be found on the sidelines, supporting her Olav, but her own particular talents are more along the lines of pen and paper than stick and ball. In addition, this gourmet is usually one of the first guests when a new restaurant opens its doors, and she’s always interested in sampling the tastiest craft beers. And to offset her hobbies with healthier pastimes, she also exercises a lot and eats all her vegetables. It’s a perfect balance!

Maaike de Boer Account Manager

Daughter of a Dutch woman from the Twente countryside and an Indonesian father, Maaike was raised in the lovely town of Hengelo, surrounded by a hodgepodge of various cultures. As a child, she initially adopted the regional accent so characteristic of Twente, with its elongated vowels and swallowed words, but she eagerly erased its traces during her teens. Although Maaike is reasonably satisfied with her current accent, a stray óóó or éééy does occasionally pop up unexpectedly. Growing up with two computer-savvy brothers, Maaike quickly learned to navigate the online world, rapidly developing a love of binge-watching TV series. Maaike is also incredibly creative and manages to turn any content into a fun celebration. With her sense of humor and friendly cheer, she is the perfect addition to the Marcommit team. Fun fact: besides knowing all Ronnie Flex songs by heart, Maaike also has an invaluable talent for memorizing any lyrics in no time. This skill regularly comes in handy when she hits the dance floor and starts singing and swinging.

Lotte Monster Account Director

This farmer’s daughter from Dronten is hard to miss at Marcommit. With her wild hair and expressive laugh, she makes sure everyone gets the morning updates about the latest episodes of Hotter Than My Daughter, Ex On The Beach, or some other trashy Dutch TV show. Oh, and if you’re wondering who that one person still watching Utopia might be, we have her on our team: it’s Lotte! To make sure she doesn’t pack on the couch potato kilos, our cheerful tea-drinker is frequently found racing across the hockey field. This creative all-rounder has quite a bit of experience in marketing and communication and always does her best to achieve optimal results for the customers. She won’t have time for chit-chat or gossip until that’s all done. And speaking of gossip… TV viewers might know this lady from her glorious performance on the Dutch hit TV show Boer Zoekt Vrouw. Other than that, she describes herself as a crazy cat lady, and any type of chocolate will make her very, very happy.

Tessie Woestenberg Account Manager en Sales Executive

This Brabant-born beauty’s life looks a lot like a triathlon. Before work, she dashes off to the gym for a fitness session, then jumps on her bicycle to head over to Marcommit. Once her workday starts, the client’s preferences are always top priority, and Tessie moves heaven and earth to make it happen. After a busy and eventful day at work, she spends several evenings a week swimming laps in the pool. Every now and then, or possibly every weekend… she can be found dancing in the pub until the wee hours of the morning. Such a bundle of energy!

Marielle van Zanten Account Director

Always professional to a T, Mariëlle is a stable mainstay for all her co-workers. Once she starts something, she gets it done, no matter what it is. She prefers to see a packed calendar featuring infinite variety every week, and has no problems prioritising. Her creativity guarantees PR services that are both pro-active and perfectionist. This easy-going lady has a passion for painting, drawing, skiing and talking… And she might just be a bit of a closet shopaholic. Particularly in Paris, the city that stole her heart, enjoying a café au lait and a crisp croissant.

Laura Rijks Account Director

Laura is rock-solid in her discipline. There is never any doubt whether her deadlines will be met, as she always has all her affairs in order. This is reflected not just in her activities within Marcommit, but also outside her job. She is a very dedicated athlete. She plays hockey, jogs regularly and is devoted to bootcamp exercise. In addition, she also likes to travel to beautiful destinations and enjoys the occasional informal drink as well. You can safely say that Laura is the party animal of Marcommit!

Lisanne van der Drift Account Director

This versatile lady from Amsterdam is at home in many fields. In addition to a wonderful marketing and PR professional, she is also a connoisseur of good wines. Wine-sellers send her vintages to review, which she does with gusto on her blog, called Wijnmuis. In order to add a healthy zest to the gourmet lifestyle that goes with that hobby, she is also regularly spotted on her racing bicycle in the polderlands around Amsterdam. In short, she is perfectly balanced in her professional and personal life.

Marianne van Barneveld Founder and strategic advisor

The spiritual mother of Marcommit highly values a proactive attitude. ‘Happy’, Pharrell’s well-known hit, is her own personal theme song and her zest for entrepreneurship is boundless. A strategist to the core, she has already helped countless organizations excel in their communication, PR, and marketing. But that is not her sole accomplishment. She also fulfills a maternal role for her two daughters, two dogs, three cats and to her team as well. For the past 19 years, she has raised dozens of Marcommit employees and infused them with her knowledge. When she comes racing to the office in her Mini, you can rest assured of one thing: I will learn something today. In short: without Marianne, there would not be a Marcommit.

Maartje van Oeveren Account director

Juggles many different responsibilities effortlessly. Because of her years of experience in PR and marketing, she has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge and experience which she prefers to use to help companies grow. Maartje is strong in both strategic and operational areas. She has first-hand experience in all aspects of her profession. This enables Maartje to see through all the hustle and bustle and remain focused on her clients’ objectives. Add another ball? Not a problem, Maartje will never miss a beat. And she is exactly the same at home. With her three kids, she can see the balls coming a mile away and juggle them expertly. Good thing, too, as it also makes her a valuable team member on the hockey fields.

Denise van Ooijen Account director en HR manager

This PR jack-of-all-trades has over ten years of experience in working for IT organizations. She is a real champ at devising and implementing strategic and creative plans and knows exactly how to translate these strategies to the press. There is nothing you can come up with that she cannot get done. And not just professionally, either; she also is quite capable of closing the deal in a few bouts of recreational kickboxing. This powerhouse not only plays to her strengths in marketing and PR for Marcommit. In her capacity as Manager HR, she is also the mainstay and safe harbor for everyone working at Marcommit.

Eline Visser Manager Operations

This creative talent and proud mother is a lifehacker bar none. Eline manages to come up with a creative solution for everyone’s problems. Relying on more than a decade of experience and a huge passion for the profession, she expertly translates complex PR, marketing and communication problems into the right strategy to get the job done. As Manager Operations, Eline keeps a close eye on the day-to-day developments at Marcommit. In that capacity, she always provides brisk, refreshing momentum to keep the whole organisation moving forward.

Roy Roelofs Financial director

With his charming disposition, he is able to sustain himself amidst the sea of women at Marcommit. As a die-hard IT specialist, he makes sure the rest of the team can always count on him to resolve their IT issues. This treasure trove of IT knowledge and expertise is able to help the rest of the team through the most complex IT troubles and always keeps them up-to-date on the latest developments. Sometimes things get too hectic, which is when you’ll find him at the golf range swinging his clubs once in a while.

Crossing borders?

Are you planning on crossing the Dutch borders by the means of PR? You have come to the right place.

Networking internationally

Marcommit is a member of several international networks which consist of the best local
agencies. We are members of the ION-network, the WIN PR Group, and the PR World Alliance. With
the help of our partners, we can tailor international coverage to the exact goals you wish to achieve.